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Sky High Skating Academy

Welcome to Sky High Skating Academy!

Sky High Skating Academy is part of the US Figure Skating Aspire Program. This program is committed to developing beginning freestylers, as well as providing the serious figure skater a place to train at their own pace, all while encouraging the benefits of group instruction.

If you are interested in developing your figure skating skills, and have at least Basic 3 skills, then SHSA is for you.

Money Saving Passes!

All Sky High Skating Academy Classes are $18 for a 30-minute class for both on or off ice classes.
Buy a frequent user pass and save.
All Passes are good for 3 months from date of purchase.

*Pricing subject to change. Notice will be given to all current members before any change is made.

How to Buy a Pass

Once you have a pass, you may "apply pass" at check-out to pay for your classes. 

Sky High Skating Academy

SHSA is separated into three seasons, The Academic Season, the Ice Show Season, and the Summer Season. During the Academic and the Summer Seasons we offer several weekly group lessons, including Group Freeskate Lessons AND Skill Specific Classes both on and off the ice. During the Ice Show Season many of those slots are converted into rehearsal times to help the skaters prepare for the performance in June. Our hope is to have all SHSA skaters participate in our Annual Show.

Sky High Skating Academy has four different levels to choose from.   

Pewter- is perfect for Basic 3-6 skaters.

Bronze- is for Pre-Freeskate-Freeskate 3.

Silver- is intended for the Freeskate 4-6 skater.

Gold- is for freeskaters who have completed Silver or Freeskate 6.
(Axel and up)

*More details about specific skills taught within these levels are posted below.

What am I Learning?

Click the skill sheets below to view the specific skills we have assigned to each level. Please note how it corresponds to the Learn to Skate-USA Level and if applicable, the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field tests. We have also added some skills of our own we believe will help strengthen every skater. Please ask your instructor if you are unclear where you belong.