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Freestyle Practice Ice

Freestyle Practice Ice is intended for skaters in Freeskate 1, Adult 6, and above to practice their freestyle, Moves in the Field, and other figure skating disciplines.

We run several freestyles all day long. Please refer to the Freestyle Schedule for any additions, cancellations, and length of each session.

The pricing is $8 for 30 minutes.

Most of our more crowded sessions are available for pre-purchase online or at the desk if needed.These sessions will be $8, but FREE to SHSA Practice Ice members both online, and at the desk. Please plan on purchasing these sessions before heading to the rink to avoid disappointment. 


Only MedStar Capitals Iceplex coaches are allowed to teach Private Lessons. Any guest coaches must email the Skating Director to request privileges.

Freestyle Sessions available for Advance Registration

Not all sessions are available for advanced registration.  Generally sessions Mon-Fri between 8am and 2pm are not available for advance registration as we do not see them sell out.

See the calendar on the left for all sessions for each dayThat schedule reflects all sessions available.  You can also subscribe to that calendar to populate all sessions and see everything added or cancelled right on your calendar.

To purchase one of our busiest sessions, click HERE.


Frequent Freestyle Practice Payment Options

We have two options to choose from:

  1. SHSA Unlimited Practice session membership- Practice as much as you want on Freestyles or Public Sessions. -$200/month.
  2. SHSA Unlimited Mid-day M-F Practice Session membership- Practice as much as you want Monday through Friday from 9:00am-2:30pm on Freestyles and Public Sessions. -$100/month.

During our busier sessions you may be able to pre-purchase your ice time. These sessions will be posted on the website and members will be free of charge.

Drop-in Freestyles will remain $8 for a 30 minute session and can be purchased at the desk provided space is available. Please create an ONLINE ACCOUNT for a more efficient Check-in experience.

Drop-in Public Sessions will be $8 for skaters 12 and under and $9 for skaters 13 and up.

All sessions will be subject to capacity for safety, and all freestyles will require skaters to be at a minimum of a Freeskate 1 level. All sessions are first come, first serve and membership does not trump drop-in skaters if they do not pre-purchase. So please take advantage of online reservations when offered.

Looking for more?

Add our SHSA Classes Membership for  ALL SHSA classes that meet your needs.

Classes membership is $175/month but if you have both you save $50 off your monthly charges.

Visit Our Sky High Skating Academy Page for more details.

Memberships cannot be sold online. Please email for details.

Please make sure to create an ONLINE account in our “System” before heading to the rink.

MedStar Capitals Iceplex Freestyle Policies

General Policies

  • All skaters must have passed at least Learn to Skate USA Freeskate 1, Adult 6, or higher to skate on any freestyle session, unless otherwise noted.
  • Sessions may have a maximum of 28 skaters on the ice. 28 skaters on the ice is considered a full session.
  • Parents and friends are not permitted in player benches, monitor boxes, or to stand in the doorway.
  •  “Coaching” your skater from the sidelines is strongly prohibited. Please ask your skater to leave the ice should you need to speak with them.
  • Only one student per coach is allowed in a private lesson unless the student/s are a pair or dance team.

Check-In/Check-Out Policies

  • All skaters should check-in at the front desk or with the monitor, if one is present, prior to getting on the ice. Any skater not checked in will be asked to leave the ice whether they are in a lesson or not.
  • Skaters should check-out of a session at the front desk or monitor if they leave the ice early.
  • Skaters may not cross over sessions without checking in first. Please be mindful of session times when booking private lessons.

Safety Policies

  • Obey all normal freestyle traffic patterns (jumps on the ends, spins in the middle, etc.). This includes dance and moves in the field patterns. All skaters and professionals should refrain from standing in the middle of the ice.
  • Back spirals or lifts of any kind may not be done on a busy session. (20 or more skaters)
  • Enter and exit the ice through the door only and not the player benches.
  • Skaters are not permitted to skate with headphones on or ear buds in their ears.
  • Pairs and Dance teams may connect on all sessions unless otherwise designated.

Music Policies

  • Music is to be played in an orderly fashion. Students in a lesson take priority in the music queue.
  • Skaters may play their program music no more than two times during a session, this includes skaters in a lesson. In the event that there is no waiting line for music, a skater may play their music more than two times. However, you will not receive right of way after two run throughs per session.
  • Those skaters who are in a lesson with a professional may play their music out of rotation and be (bumped) to the head of the line to have their music played. A skater in a lesson cannot bump a skater who is first in line and has already been bumped by another skater in a lesson.
  • A professional may request a skater’s music be played out of rotation (bumped) no more than two times during that student’s lesson assuming the music has not previously been played on that session.
  • There will be one skater’s music request between two requests made by a professional. (two skaters in a lesson, one skater out of a lesson)
  • A skater practicing their program must be wearing the program belt. All other skaters and professionals must yield to the person wearing the program belt while their music is being played.
  • Do not leave the belt on if you are not actively skating to your music.
  • On sessions with 20 or more skaters, music may only be played once.

Synchronized Skating/Theater on Ice Policies

  • On sessions that have 10 or fewer skaters, no more than 2 synchronized skaters may connect, but only after notifying the other professionals on the ice that they are doing so. Synchronized skaters may not connect at any other time.
  • Synchronized/Theater on Ice skaters may skate 2 at a time while their program music is being played. Both skaters are required to wear a belt and must remain within close proximity/side by side without connecting at any time, unless they are on a session with 10 or fewer skaters and have notified the other professionals on the ice.
  • Group choreography (3 or more skaters) of any kind may not be practiced on freestyle sessions without prior consent of the management. Group choreography may only be practiced on designated sessions.


All skaters, professionals, and parents are asked to be kind and respectful toward each other on the facility property. An facility employee may ask a skater or parent to leave if the policies of Freestyle sessions are not being followed.

We thank you for helping us maintain a positive, safe, and fun figure skating environment.



To cancel or temporarily place a hold on any recurring membership, an email must be sent to 30 days in advance. We do not give refunds.