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Capitals Academy Travel Team

Capitals Hockey Academy
Travel Team Tryouts

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our tryouts on the week of 7/13 and 7/20.

Players that played on a Capitals Hockey Academy or a RHL team during the 2019-2020 season will be able to tryout during the week of July 13th, and any players that did not play on a Capitals Hockey Academy or a RHL team during the 2019-2020 season will be able to tryout during the week of July 20th.

Players that were not playing on a MedStar Capitals Iceplex team last year will not be able to attend a session during the week of the 13th.

Additional details about season structure, costs, games, etc., will be distributed closer to tryouts.

Players MUST be registered for tryouts to be able to be selected for a 2020-2021 team. No exceptions.

Tryouts WILL NOT include small-area games or drills that force players into situations where they are in close contact with each other. Drills will allow for players to be 10 feet apart and include skating, passing, shooting, and decision making/game play. 

If you are not registered yet, you may register HERE


If you registered earlier this year, please do not register again. If you attempt to register, you will see a message warning that you have already signed up.

Dates, Times, and Age groups are listed below. Please be aware that players who did not play on a CHA or RHL team during the 2019-2020 season will be turned away at the door if they attend a session the week of July 13.

If you have questions about player eligibility or readiness, please contact
Be sure to include the player's name and birthyear.

Thank you very much for sticking by us during this time and we cannot wait to see you back on the ice! 

2019-2020 Returning Capitals Hockey Academy or RHL returning players: 

Tuesday, July 14
8:00pm-9:10pm 16U

Wednesday, July 15 
8:00pm-8:40pm 2007’s 
9:00pm-9:40pm 2006’s

Thursday, July 16
8:00pm-8:40pm 2007’s 
9:00pm-9:40pm 2006’s

Friday, July 17
8:00pm-9:10pm 16U

Saturday, July 18
4:10pm-4:50pm 2011
5:10pm-5:50pm 2010
6:10pm-6:50pm 2009
7:10pm-7:50pm 2008

(updated 7/2)
Sunday, July 19:
10:10am-11:20am 2011
11:30am-12:40pm 2010
6:40pm-7:40pm 2009
7:50pm-8:50pm 2008

All dates and times are subject to change.

Open Tryouts to All Players:

Monday, July 20
5:10pm-5:50pm 10U

Tuesday, July 21
5:10pm-5:50pm 12U

Wednesday, July 22
5:10pm-5:50pm 14U

Thursday, July 23
5:10pm-5:50pm 16U

Saturday, July 25
4:10pm-4:50pm 10U
5:10pm-5:50pm 12U
6:10pm-6:50pm 14U
7:10pm-7:50pm 16U


All dates and times are subject to change.

Building and player/parent procedures:

- Please show up prior to your session at least 10 minutes ahead of time and ready to step onto the ice.  

- Players will be required to come fully dressed to the rink with skates on (hard skate guards are recommended).  

- They will need a face-covering to enter the building but may take it off before they enter the ice surface. 

- We encourage parents to stay in their cars in the parking lot and wait for their player(s) at the exit as soon as the session is over. Exceptions may be made for our youth players. 

- Locker rooms will not be available at this time. 

- Players must use their own equipment (there will not be any access to loaner equipment or the lost and found) 

- MedStar Capitals Iceplex will adhere to the guidelines that have been issued by the state, local, and federal governments in terms of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.  

    Join our Open Sports Caps Hockey Academy Group

    We are planning virtual lessons that you can sign up for here. When we open this will also be where you will be able to sign up for activities that we will be offering.


    Are you a scheduler/rink interested in scheduling a game with a CHA team?

    Click below to email us!

    Our Capitals Hockey Academy Travel Team (CHATT) provides a tier II travel based experience for squirt, peewee, bantam, and midget players. 

    WHO we are

    We are the Capitals Hockey Academy Travel Team (CHATT). CHATT is a Tier II travel hockey experience founded upon the principles of hard work, discipline, and fun!  

    WHAT do we stand for?

    Our program is rooted in the principles of USA Hockey’s American Development Model and takes great pride in the growth of our youth players both on and off the ice. 

    WHERE we play?

    The Capitals Hockey Academy program is located in the MedStar Capitals Iceplex, home of the Washington Capitals, in Arlington Virginia.

    WHEN did the program begin?

    The Capitals Hockey Academy travel program celebrated its inaugural season in 2012-2013.


    Because we believe in the development and enjoyment of becoming a life long hockey player. We believe that lessons learned from competition and learning good sportsmanship are valuable life lessons both on and off the ice.