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Skate Sharpening

Our highly-skilled technicians will provide you with the best service in the D.C. area. Routine sharpening, blade replacements, boot alterations, skate stretching - we offer it all! We'll get you back on the ice in no time. It's like having your own personal equipment manager!

Skate Sharpening

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality skate sharpening service in the area. Our highly trained skate technicians will leave your blades with even edges and a clean, polished finish. 

If you would like a competitive figure sharpening done by Andrew or Rudy, please email the pro shop for an appointment.

In order to enter the rink, you must check-in to the building with your DASH profile. Once that is done, no appointment is needed for a standard sharpening. 

Skates are available to pick-up outside of store hours upon request only. You will need to give your name/claim ticket number to the check-in table and they can retrieve them for you.

Radius of Hollow (ROH)

The traditional method of sharpening skates. We dress the sharpening wheel using a diamond acting on a radius to alter how deep the wheel grinds into the bottom of your blades. The deeper the hollow, the more grip you will have on the ice - this means greater edge control. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the shallower the hollow, the less resistance you will have - this means a faster glide.


ROH Sharpening - $10

FBV Sharpening - $10

Extensive Sharpening - $12*

First Sharpening - $15**

Competitive Figure Skate Sharpening - $20

* An extensive sharpening refers to blades that require the use of a cross-grind to remove severely damaged portions of the steel.

** First sharpening fee only applies to skates NOT purchased from the Pro-Shop. Skates that ARE purchased from the Kettler Pro-Shop come with a complementary first sharpening.

Flat Bottom-V (FBV)

An alternative to the ROH method, a FBV sharpening relies on pre-cut "spinners" to dress the sharpening wheel. Instead of a traditional upside down "U" shape, an FBV creates "fangs" on the bottom of your steel. This creates a "flat bottom" that allows a skater to glide across the ice instead of cut through it. At the same time, the fanged edges are ready to dig in to provide control on turns and stops.