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Capitals Hockey Academy Travel Program 2019-20 Overview

By Hockey Department, 04/19/19, 3:45PM EDT


Program Overview: 

Teams will be selected based on the overall skill/ability level of the players that are trying out for the age divisions. Players with the highest overall skill/ability level will be placed on our top (Red) team, second highest overall skill/ability level on our second (White) team (if a second team is fielded at that age level), and third highest overall skill/ability level on our third (Blue) team (if a third team is fielded at that age level). 

At all age levels, a minor birth year player may play on our top (Red) team, if, and only if, we feel that it is in the best interest for the development of the player. We expect that the composition of the top (Red) team will be mostly of major birth year players at the 10U, 12U, and 14U age levels. 

Once a team has been selected, the placement of that team within the CBHL will depend on the overall skill/ability level of the players of that team. It is our goal to always place these teams at the level that will provide them with the best opportunity for development and that will provide a competitive environment. 

We plan to have our season start on the week of August 19th for the 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16U teams. 

It is our intention to field the following teams* in the CBHL 
3 – 10U teams 
3 – 12U teams 
2 – 14U teams 
1 - 16U team 

*amount of teams is based on enrollment numbers and competitiveness 

  • *based on our projections, we may add additional teams at the 14U and 16U levels if there is overall talent/demand and ice availability. These teams may be CBHL or non-CBHL (independent*) teams.  

  • *Independent teams will have fewer practices, play a non-league schedule, and participate in more tournaments. 


Our program costs for the previous season (2018-2019) are listed below. We intend for the costs for the 2019-2020 season to be similar. Program costs are currently being finalized and will be disseminated during the parents meeting and tryout check-in.  

  • $2,750 for 10U and 12U teams
    $3,350 for 14U and 16U teams 


Program cost includes/covers: 
Practice ice from late August until the end of February 
2 on-ice practices/week over 26 weeks (~52 practices) 
Any Independent teams will have about 24 practices 
1 off-ice, coach run, workout per week 
CBHL league dues 
Tournament fees
Game ice and referee fees
Coach Stipend 
Practice jerseys (Red and Blue) and practice socks 
Necessary coaching and training equipment 
On-ice skills coach 

Does not include: 
Travel costs for tournaments  
Travel costs for any overnight league and non-league games
Any non-parent coach reimbursement for travel (tournaments, league, and non-league games) 
Any required and non-required team apparel and gear, including: 
     Navy Helmets, Helmet stickers, Navy or Red White & Blue gloves, Home and Away Game Jerseys, Home and Away Game Socks, Warm-up pants and jacket, Club workout shirt and shorts, Navy hockey pants or Navy Hockey Shell, Capitals Hockey Academy Hockey Bag, Hoodie, and Golf shirt (required for 14U and 16U team)
Additional training opportunities with other professionals, including, but not limited to: a nutritionist, fitness instructor, and/or additional skills instructors 

Players MUST attend a fitting session for jerseys, socks, and any additional/required apparel. These fitting sessions will be in the evening of May 14th, 15th, and 16th. Please plan accordingly for one of these dates. 


Number of games incl. in cost: 
~20 CBHL league games (amount of games played is determined by the CBHL and how many teams are in the division) 
11+ games via tournaments, each team will participate in 3 tournaments at a minimum 
Any AA, Upper A, and B level teams will participate in SilverSticks during Thanksgiving Day weekend in November, a Labor Day or pre-Labor Day tournament, and a President’s Day tournament 

  • We plan for any team at the Lower A level to participate in 3 MyHockey Tournaments. A Labor Day or pre-labor day tournament, President’s day tournament, and another tournament that may or may not fall on a holiday (ie Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Veterans Day, etc.) 

  • Amount of Non-league games will be dependent on how many league games a team has and the age group (10U, 12U, 14U, or 16U)  


How tournaments are selected: 
Which tournaments and locations are selected by the Hockey Director with input from the Head Coach.  
We select tournaments that we feel will bring the best competitive fit, team/player experience, and take into consideration the cost that families will incur to travel to the tournament 
Our plan for each team is to play in a local tournament, a tournament that is within driving distance, and a tournament that may require a flight (ie Tampa, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, etc.) 


Capitals Hockey Academy strives to bring in the most qualified non-parent Head Coaches for each of the teams that we field. If we do have a Head Coach that is also a parent, after our due diligence, we feel that they are qualified to lead a team. If we name a Head Coach of a team ahead of our tryouts, the player of that coach needs to make the team based on their own performance during the tryout sessions. If it is deemed that the player has not made the team based on their performance during tryouts, they will not be selected for that team and a new Head Coach may be named to that team. 


Named coaches for the 2019-2020 season are listed below.  

Coaches for 2019-2020 season: 
Squirt Red: Head Coach - Ben Allen 
Squirt White: Head Coach - Ben Kwon 
Squirt Blue: Head Coach - TBD 
Peewee Red: Head Coach - Ben Kwon 
Peewee White: Head Coach – TBD; Assistant Coach: Brad Surdam 
Peewee Blue: Head Coach – TBD
Bantam Red: Head Coach – TBD 
Bantam White: Head Coach – Brian Lenaghan 
16U Red: Head Coach – Brad Surdam